Yet Another Blog. What Makes You So Special, Eh?

Hello there. I know what you’re thinking.

You’re rolling your eyes at the existence of yet another blog. You think there’s nothing more pointless than somebody documenting their thoughts online. You’re even feeling uncomfortable about the inclusion of The F Word in the bio (Newsflash: if you believe all genders are equal, you’re a feminist too!).

Or maybe I’m wrong because if you disliked my writing that much, you wouldn’t have even bothered clicking on the link that brought you here.

Of course, the world does not need another blog but does the world need another song, another painting or another film either? Even if it doesn’t, people won’t stop making those any time soon. Why should blogs be any different?

This is not just about making another blog but also about letting another voice be heard. That voice is mine and that may sound narcissistic but it’s not – honest. I cannot speak for a generation, a gender or a movement. We can all only speak for ourselves which is why even if a huge number of blogs are discussing the same themes, we are all doing it in different ways. Many blogs deal with the same subject matter but they still matter individually.

Yes, sceptical reader, you are right that in many ways, this is yet another blog but it is my blog.

So if you want to read about the trivialities, trials and tribulations of my 21st century life and want to know the reasoning behind my strong opinions on such important world issues as to why burrito servers insist on reminding me that guacamole costs extra every single time, then you are in the right place. If not, check back when this blog’s up and running anyway because a) you might find something that surprises you, b) I’d like the website hits!

See you soon!

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