To Be Or Not To Be Single: One Girl’s Personal Pie-Lemma

If you’re a single woman, you apparently have only two choices. You can either be a cynical, bitter but busy woman who’ll turn down every date just because she can, or you can be the type to curl up watching romantic films while sobbing into a box of chocolates with only a cat for company. Then there’s me, and I don’t fit into either. Well, not all the time anyway…

As a love-sick teenager, I’m sure I wasted time moping and whining about how life seemed eternally man-less. The Forever Alone meme was plastered all over my Facebook ‘ironically’, because nothing’s more attractive than desperation! I also have to admit that I did morph into somewhat of a love-sceptic when returning to the single life after being coupled up.

Nowadays, as a fully-fledged member of the single club, I sit somewhere in between the two extremes. By that I mean, dancing to ‘Independent Women’ passionately while trying to catch the eye of the handsome bloke at the bar. I think I’m like a lot of single women but not like the polarised stereotypes (ok, maybe I am a bit like Bridget Jones, with usually prettier knickers).

I will happily spend my Saturday night watching Take Me Out (when I’m not busy socialising, obviously), but no matter how many ‘joke’ application forms my friends send me, I don’t feel right applying to join the flirty thirty. I can’t imagine myself screaming at the mere sight of an average man. Contradictorily, I’m not fussy enough to turn my light out just because a contestant has said his best mate is his Nan. My special talents do not include clapping my arse cheeks together either so I don’t think the production team would want me anyway.

I haven’t even ventured into the world of online dating. I mean, I’ve browsed Plenty of Fish on many a lonely night but the idea of signing up and messaging someone is absurd. I’m just looking, I’m not buying! I haven’t even installed Tinder so I think I may be a Victorian!

This Valentine’s Day helped confirm my contentment with the single life. This year, there were no roses or declarations of love but I did get sent 12 Pukka Pies “to enjoy over the Valentine’s Weekend” from a Facebook competition. Who could feel incomplete single when you’ve got a freezer full of pastry? (Disclaimer: I did not eat them all at once).


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  • Reply Chloe 25th February 2016 at 9:04 pm

    I was definitely the moping, desperate teenager (though I’d like to see a single teenage girl that isn’t that way!) and I would definitely be the chocolate and cat lady now if I hadn’t have coupled up so early! I do often wonder what I would be doing now if I were single though, Tinder escapes me and I think I would just accept my spinsterhood early on haha.

    I feel like this should be the space for some advice on being single, but you’re already killing it, so just keep doing you :) Also we won’t judge if you really did eat all those pies in one sitting, I know I would ;)

    Chloe x | Snug Corner

    • Reply amyjoebloggs 26th February 2016 at 2:54 pm

      Hello Chloe,

      Aaw, thank you for the comment Chloe! It’s nice to know you could still relate to this even though you are not living the ‘spinsterhood’ (I like that term haha).

      And I honestly didn’t although thank you for understanding the appeal of pies ;)

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