About Me

Hello, I’m Amy Jo McLellan and I’ve been writing online since 2010.

I began my career with GetToTheFront.co.uk at the age of 15, reviewing new music releases. Soon after, I also joined the writing pool of Brighton’s SOURCE magazine (RIP) recommending the best upcoming gigs and festivals.

In my post-GCSE summer holidays, I competed in Buzznet’s blogging talent contest ‘Summer of Buzz’ to keep busy – and won! I spent two years as a Buzzmaker before moving onto my own platform AltScribe.com, getting to interview the likes of The 1975 and meet fantastic people along the way.

As my university studies progressed, however, I began to publish less content online. My blogging hiatus wasn’t triggered by not wanting to write anymore but rather that I wanted to write something different.

Not sure where to put my ramblings on whether Miley Cyrus licking a hammer was the result of an objectifying male gaze or some kind of post-feminist statement (Note: I still haven’t fully decided), I left my pop culture commentary at the pub.

The urge to write recently has become too great so I’ve revived my old pseudonym Amy Joe Bloggs to allow me a space where anything goes.

Some of the things I write will be serious. Other blogs may be funny. All views are always my owns.

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