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February 2015

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The Statement T-Shirt and I

London Fashion Week is over but unlike most bloggers, it barely registered on my radar. All that I’ve noticed is there’s a trend for mustard yellow. As much as I love to see that shade smeared on the side of a roast dinner, I can’t bring myself to wear it – not again, anyway. “Banana Girl” flares, much adored by my fifteen year old self, were the subject of much abuse and mockery (including a bizarre French fry throwing incident at Thorpe Park). Although I loathe being conformist, I’ve grown to realise that sometimes making a point with fashion is simply not worth the hassle. Although you won’t see me modelling mustard any time again soon, the rest of London Fashion Week’s colour palette probably will dictate my Autumn/Winter wardrobe even if I don’t take any notice of it now. However, there is one clothing item I can never resist making a statement with – the slogan t-shirt. I don’t care if the “experts” say wearing words is “in” or not because whether rocking golden bell-bottoms or black skinnies, I’ve always had a thing for clothing with a message.

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this girl can't

This Girl Can’t

I hate sexism. I also hate exercise. I don’t loathe sport quite as much as misogyny or misandry but the feeling of anger is still there. Tell me that a woman’s place is in the kitchen and I’ll be filled with rage but tell me a woman’s place is on the sports field and you’ll find me raiding the fridge for comfort food. Of course, I’m sure Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign is inspiring many women to do activities they’ve always feared were too “masculine” to enjoy but I can’t help but shake my head at their adverts. It’s not because I disagree with their message but simply because This Girl Can’t.

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Yet Another Blog. What Makes You So Special, Eh?

Hello there. I know what you’re thinking.

You’re rolling your eyes at the existence of yet another blog. You think there’s nothing more pointless than somebody documenting their thoughts online. You’re even feeling uncomfortable about the inclusion of The F Word in the bio (Newsflash: if you believe all genders are equal, you’re a feminist too!).

Or maybe I’m wrong because if you disliked my writing that much, you wouldn’t have even bothered clicking on the link that brought you here.

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